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Whether to connect with friends, recalibrate and center oneself for the remainder of the day, gather for a moment of joy, or to remember a loved one, the twice-daily minyan provides a place of comfort and strength to many.

In an effort to create more intimate communities, we encourage all congregants to pick a day of the week or day of the month as their “day of the week.” By regularly attending on your day, we hope to strengthen the minyan and build a sacred community.

During the pandemic, we learned that many people would love to participate but cannot make it to the building. Therefore, we will continue to make it possible to participate in our morning and afternoon/evening minyanim via Zoom. 

Z'man Kodesh Online Prayer Experience
Weekday mornings: 8:00 AM
Sunday-Thursday Evenings: 5:45 PM

In-Person Minyan
Sunday mornings: 8:00 AM
(also available on Zoom)

We look forward to resuming all of our services in person soon!


Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782