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Daily Minyan at Temple Emanu-El 

Temple Emanu-El is proud to offer 16 opportunities to pray as a community throughout the week.  Additionally, we will now be offering 1 in-person minyan every day of the week.  While services are always available through zoom, we will gather in person several times a week to enable us to join our voices in prayer.  

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are experimenting with different times and formats for our daily minyan.  Please consider making in-person minyan a weekly commitment.  Attending the same day with regularity allows you to get to know the other minyan participants, become more familiar with the liturgy, and feel at home in the Fishbein Chapel.

Please call the office: (401) 331-1616 or the Temple Emanu-El App to confirm minyan times for the week.

Click here for the Minyan Zoom link


Thursday, November 24th:  Morning Minyan is at 8:00 AM in the chapel

Wednesday Morning Minyan followed by Breakfast and Learning with Rabbi Fel
Following the 7:30 AM minyan on Wednesday mornings, Rabbi Fel will teach for 30 minutes, line by line, from the 16th century book of Jewish practice known as the Shulhan Arukh. Each breakfast will give us a chance to learn more about how our ancestors infused meaning into their everyday lives, share our own Jewish experiences, and work together to develop a spiritual practice that is meaningful and relevant for us today.

Sponsor Weekday Minyan Breakfast
If you are interested in sponsoring a weekday minyan breakfast, contact Shosh Jacob at

The Late Minyan - 7:00 PM
We are pleased to introduce The Late Minyan. This in-person minyan will take place at 7:00 PM on Tuesday nights and kick off the evening’s programs and meetings. 

Daily Minyan - Times & LocationsZOOM LINKMeeting ID: 405 452 0081 | Passcode: 226005All Minyanim are Available on Zoom

SUNDAY8:00 AM - In Person and Zoom5:45 PM - Zoom Only

7:30 AM - Zoom Only
5:45 PM - In Person and Zoom

7:30 AM - Zoom Only
5:45 PM - Zoom Only7:00 PM - In Person and Zoom

7:30 AM - In Person and Zoom
5:45 PM - In Person and Zoom

7:30 AM - In Person and Zoom
5:45 PM - Zoom Only

7:30 AM - Zoom Only5:30 PM (exact time varies due to sunset) - In Person and Zoom

9:30 AM - In Person and Zoom
12;45 PM (exact time varies due to sunset) - In Person and ZoomZoom Havdalah (exact time varies, usually about 15 minutes after Havdalah)

Thu, December 1 2022 7 Kislev 5783