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Passover Resources

Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide
The Pesah Guide for 5784 is now available.

Is it kosher for Passover?
Here is the 2023 list of kosher for Passover foods from

Haggadah Resources

>> Large Print Haggadot From the Jewish Braille Institute of America

>> With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Haggadahs-R-Us is again offering free downloads of several hagaddot. Click here for more information.

>> Learn about the history and structure of the Haggadah at

>> Passover materials including song parodies at his site,

>> Make your own Haggadah at

>> Download "The Wandering is Over Haggadah" a modern, customizable and free Haggadah by Jewish Boston 

>> Here is a very inclusive Haggadah from JewBelong. It is very accessible and user friendly.

Selling of Hametz/Mekhirat Hametz
Since ownership of hametz (bread and other leavened products) is not allowed during Pesah, ideally all hametz in one's possession would be given away or destroyed before the holiday begins. This often represents a financial hardship, therefore the practice arose for people to store away their hametz before Pesah and arrange to sell it for the duration of the holiday.

Click here to appoint Rabbi Fel to arrange a sale of your hametz.
(All forms must be received by the synagogue by 4/19/2024 at 8:00 AM.)


Service Times & Candlelighting

[logo] Service Times & Candle-Lighting


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784