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Celebrate Shavuot!

Shavuot , the “Feast of Weeks,” is celebrated seven weeks after Passover (Pesah). Shavuot combines two major religious observances. First is the grain harvest of the early summer. Second is the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai seven weeks after the exodus from Egypt. There are a number of customs associated with this holiday. Among them is the tradition of participating in a Tikkun Leil Shavuot, a late-night study session marking the holiday. It is also customary to eat dairy products as part of the celebration of Shavuot.

Here is a look at our offerings from 5782:

Shavuot Service and Program Schedule

Saturday, June 4 – Erev Shavuot

5:00 PM - Families with Young Children Shavuot Program

5:45 PM - Community Dinner - Click HERE to sign up for the Dinner.

  • Cost is $10 per person, Family First families are free -
    contact Shoshana Jacob for the discount code. 
  • Indoor and outdoor seating available.

6:30 PM - Shabbat Minhah

7:00 PM - Learning Session 1

  • Rabbi Dardashti - "Shema: Our Talisman in Facing Fear"
  • Rabbi Satlow - "Ruth" 

8:00 PM - Learning Session 2

  • Rabbi Kaunfer - "Puzzling Parables: The Marriage of God and Israel at Sinai"
  • Paul Stouber - "Mosaic Math: You Say Sinaic, I say Synodic"

8:45 PM - Ma'ariv

8:58 PM - Candlelighting

9:10 PM - Dessert (Kiddush)

9:30 PM - Learning Session 3

  • Sara Verskin - "Tamar, Ruth, and the Strange Commandment of Yibbum"

Sunday, June 5 - Shavuot Day 1

9:15 AM - Yom Tov Services - Main Sanctuary - Megilat Ruth and Cantor Mayer teaching  "What's in a Name?" - A Deep Dive into the 3rd Commandment

11:00 AM - Family First Scavenger Hunt with Rabbi Fel - Goldberg Center

12:00 PM - Kiddush with ice cream and frozen treats

7:30 PM - Minhah/Ma'ariv in the chapel

Monday, June 6 - Shavuot Day 2

9:15 AM - Yom Tov Services - Main Sanctuary

10:45 AM - Yizkor and Memorial Plaque Dedication

12:00 PM - Kiddush with ice cream and frozen treats

9:00 PM - Havdalah

9:15 - Zoom Havdalah

Zoom Tikkun Leil Shavuot

The Rabbinical Assembly is excited to announce its lineup and schedule for the third annual livestreamed Conservative/Masorti Tikkun Leil Shavuot,

Saturday June 4th starting at 9:30 PM EDT.

The broadcast link is

Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783