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Charles Blackman           President
Steven Goliger   Vice President for Human Development & Planning
Pam Kaitin-Miller    Vice President for Religious Activities
David Feit   Vice President for Financial Development
Toby Liebowitz   Vice President for Educational Activities
Jeff Levy   Vice President for Membership Outreach
Holly Rothemich   Treasurer
Alison Walter   Secretary








Jeffrey Davis Robyn Goldstein Morty Miller Bonnie Ryvicker
Karen Fink David Kadmon Jennifer Oelbaum William Sikov
Judy Fishman Judy Kaye Phyllis Oelbaum Terence (Terry) Sullivan
Donna Frank Joanna Kislak Brown Elise Pansey Stephanie Trachtenberg
Susan Gastel Robert Kumins Margie Pelcovits Sara Verskin
Maurisa Goldberg Audrey Kupchan Jeffrey Prystowsky              Joyce Wacks
Janet Goldman Leslie Marks-Hershey        Patricia Raskin Ed Westrick
Andrea Goldschmidt       Ann Miller Noel Rubinton  


Honorary Presidents

Edward Feldstein
Sheila R. Alexander            
Samuel J. Shamoon             
Mark R. Feinstein
Bernard Lightman          
Carl I. Freedman
Robert P. Landau
Judith Greenblatt
Bernice Kumins
Samuel K. Suls
Nathan B. Beraha
Robert Pelcovits



Honorary Vice Presidents

Barbara Feldstein              Linda Mittleman                  Richard Mittleman                


Honorary Recording Secretaries 

Dianne Z. Newman           Mel Topf    


Honorary Board

Richard C. Kumins            Barbara S. Lavine                 James Winoker                


Committee Chairs

Adult Education                 Toby Liebowitz            
Arts Emanu-El Pam Hanzel
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Toby Liebowitz
Budget & Finance Holly Rothemich
Cemetery Dee Dee Witman
Creative Hands Donna Stouber
Development David Feit
Endowment Jerrold Lavine
Family First Alison Walter
Gabbayim Steven Blazer
Greeters Marilyn Katz
Holiday Dianne Newman
House Howie Bromberg
Inclusion Toby Liebowitz
Legal Ron Markoff
Library Toby Liebowitz
Membership Alison Walter
Museum Ruth Page
Religious School Bethany Sutton
Ritual/Services Bernice Weiner
Social Justice Maia Brumberg-Kraus
Ushers Robert Lieberman
Youth Commission Nancy Bloch


We want you!

Volunteering one’s time and expertise is not only a recognized Jewish value, but one that is highly prized in our Temple community. Beyond the immense satisfaction gained by assisting an individual or helping to organize a program, volunteering is the ideal way to meet other members of our diverse Temple Emanu-El community. Some of our committees deal with internal programs and functions, while others are involved with the community at large. Please consider volunteering your time and talents by serving on one or more committees. For more information, contact the appropriate chairperson(s) listed above or call the Temple office.

Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781