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Passover Preparation & Resources

Passover is one of the most elaborate Jewish holidays, replete with lavish Seder meals, with family and friends, celebratory services in the synagogue and special foods, some of which are unique to each family. And lots of cleaning and changing dishes! Along with these preparations are the extensive regulations for eliminating Hametz, leaven products, from our homes and diets for the entire week of Passover.  Ideally, we finish open leaven products which we have been using, and we dispose of whatever is left. In order avoid financial loss, like pouring out what’s left in a nice bottle of  Scotch, the rabbis developed the custom of selling our Hametz to someone who is not Jewish. I will be happy to be your agent to sell you Hametz. Please use this email: to send me your name and the address of where your Hametz is kept. Please send me your request by 8am on March 30, which is Erev Pesah/Erev Shabbat.

People often have questions about the details of Passover preparations. Here is a link to the Rabbinical Assembly's Pesah Guide for this year. Please call me or Rabbi Zerin if you have any questions about any of these details. 

Passover is about more than just details and rituals. It’s about reaching out and helping the poor and welcoming strangers. It’s about taking to heart the words at e beginning of the Seder - “This is the bread of affliction which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. Let all who are hungry, come and eat...” To act upon this imperative, we can give Tzedakah to organization which help to feed people locally and elsewhere, including Jewish Family Service’s Moes Hittim Fund, the Kosher Food Pantry, and the RI Community Food Bank. We can invite people to our homes for Seder meals. And we can include meaningful expressions of support for strangers, like the attached passage prepared by HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which helped bring so many of our families to this country. HIAS now helps refugees from many countries establish themselves in America, as a continuation of our country’s tradition of hospitality to strangers. 

Anne joins me in wishing you and your loved ones a joyous, meaningful Passover.

Sun, December 16 2018 8 Tevet 5779