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Delve Deeper:The Jews of Italy

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This semester we will explore the topic "The Jews Of Italy" with Professor Dana W. Fishkin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History & Humanities at Touro’s Graduate School of Jewish Studies in New York City
Thursdays 7:30PM -9:30PM Jan. 20th-March 24th 2022

With its diverse populations and cultures, the Italian peninsula is home to many of the most ancient Diaspora Jewish communities. The Italian way, Minhag Italki, preceded the split between Sepharad and Ashkenaz, but some scholars argue that Italian Jewry did not impact Jewish culture as much as the other groups. At the same time, Italian Jewry has traditionally been viewed as one of the most integrated Jewish populations in a host country. In this course we will consider and evaluate the very special position of Jews in Italy from the Roman Empire until the Holocaust. Using primary sources, we will familiarize ourselves with the legacies left behind by Italian Jews. The secondary sources will expose students to historiographical and scholarly debates about the Jews of Italy.

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