A Conservative Congregation that is anything but...

Rabbi's Message


"...Not by bread alone do humans stay alive, but rather by all that issues from God's order do humans stay alive." Deut. 8:3

We at Temple Emanu-El suscribe to this Biblical wisdom. There is more to life than the worlds of work, leisure, materials and entertainment. Over and over, my colleagues and I find that people turn to the Temple for spiritual nourishment, to search for meaning in life, and to find strength in a vibrant, supportive community. Our members come to Jewish life with a wide variety of Jewish and religious backgrounds. Some are fluent Hebrew speakers, some have proficient synagogue skills, while others start from learning alef bet. All are welcome. All are encouraged and helped to cultivate whatever skills and knowledge they seek.

Temple Emanu-El is a place where we open doors to Jewish learning, spiritual uplift, and community. My colleagues and I are ready and eager to help you sustain your Jewish interests and to help you grow in knowledge and in the fulfillment of mitzvot. If you are already a member, come check out the lively Shabbat morning service. Come daven in our beautiful new Fishbein Chapel. Come study in any of the mutitude of classes available through the Koffler-Bornstein Institute of Jewish Studies. If you are a young family, we invite you to participate in the engaging activities for families with young children. If you are a teenager, come be part of USY and experience the fun of expressing your Jewishness with like-minded teens.

If you are not a member yet, I invite you to come visit and discover the spiritual, educational, programmatic and communal richness of our congregation. We are always developing new avenues for involvement and exploration. I hope that you will help us create our future.

Temple Emanu-El is a place for Jews who want to find that extra dimension in life, that realm beyond mere sustenance, the dimension in which to perceive God's message of meaning and hope for our world.

Wayne M. Franklin
Senior Rabbi