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Volunteering one's time and expertise is not only a recognized Jewish value, but one that is highly prized in our Temple community. Tikun Olam is imperative to repair the world and reflects the Jewish values of Justice (tzedakah), Compassion (hesed) and Peace (shalom). The concept has come to symbolize the quest for social justice, freedom, equality, peace, and the restoration of the environment. It is a call to action for us to repair the world through social action and our thoughtful interaction with the world and the people around us. Tikun Olam recognizes that each act of kindness, no matter how small, helps to build a new world. Opportunities for Tikun Olam within the Temple Emanu-El community are numerous and diverse. Our members are encouraged to lend their hearts, souls, and minds to the areas of our community that most interests them. Beyond the immense satisfaction of assisting to organize a program or helping someone, volunteering is the ideal way to meet other members of our diverse Temple Emanu-El community. Some of these committees deal with internal programs and functions, while others deal with the community at large. Newcomers to Rhode Island or just to Emanu-El will never have an easier opportunity to meet people with common goals and values. Some of the committees may be full and are not looking for additional members at this time. Others are growing, adding new programs and looking for additional volunteers. The best way to get involved is to look over the main committees listed here and contact the chairperson or coordinator for the ones of interest to see if there are opportunities for you to get involved.

Volunteers for Transportation needed:

  • Volunteers are needed to provide transportation to and from shul for Shabbat Services and other Temple events. If you would like to help, please call the Temple Office at 331-1616.

Temple Committees:


Annual Fund Committee –Judy Greenblatt, Chair: [email protected]
Temple Emanu-El has an annual operating budget of nearly 2 million dollars. As a supplement to dues, our Annual Fund campaign raises funds to help support the wide range of programs and activities that are so important to our members. The committee organizes and oversees the fundraising effort throughout the year.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Committee – Michele Lederberg, Chair: [email protected]
This committee focuses on the many aspects of this life cycle event for Temple families. The committee also establishes policies, guidelines and curriculum for the Samuel and Eva Silver Family Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience. If interested in becoming involved, please contact the committee chair.

Budget and Finance Committee - Charles Blackman, Chair: [email protected]

Cemetery Committee – Contact the Temple office for additional information or to contact the chair.
Temple Emanu-El plays an important role in the lives of our congregants by providing cemetery space for its members. This committee sets policies, establishes guidelines and is responsible to see that the cemetery is in good shape for the membership.

Family First – Bethany Sutton, Chair: [email protected]

College Outreach Committee – Donna Goliger , Chair: [email protected]
The Temple's College Outreach Committee sends a bit of Temple Emanu-El to our college students – wherever they are. The committee sends email messages a few times a year, as well as welcome, fun, and delicious holiday packages.
Endowment Committee - Jerrold Lavine, Chair: [email protected]
Gabbayim Committee - Judy Greenblatt, Chair: [email protected]
Havurah Committee - Rabbi Babchuck [email protected] or Miriam Abrams-Stark: [email protected]
House Committee - Howard Bromberg, Chair: [email protected]
Institute for Jewish Studies – Robert Pelcovits [email protected] or Margie Pelcovits [email protected]
Tuesday night is an opportunity to learn at Emanu-El. The Institute provides learning opportunities if far reaching subjects of Jewish interest. The committee is charged with helping find faculty, organizing courses, and setting policy.
Legal Committee - Ronald Markoff, Chair: [email protected]
Library Committee -
Marketing Committee – The marketing committee oversees marketing and promotional efforts by all the committees of the Temple. It oversees this website and seeks ways to improve communication both within and without the Temple community.
Membership Committee - Susan Froehlich, Chair: [email protected]
Museum Committee - Ruth Page, Chair: [email protected]
Religious School Committee – Alison Caplan, Chair: [email protected]

Temple Emanu-El's Religious School provides a dynamic educational experience for its students. The committee works with the school director to set policy and budget and to act as an advisory body. You need not be a parent of a current student to be a part of the committee.

Services Committee – Niecie Weiner, Chair: [email protected]
Religious services constitute an important part of the life of Temple Emanu-El. This committee is concerned with non-halakhic issues relating to the many services held throughout the year. The members gather feedback from Temple members in order to provide a sounding board for the clergy. This committee also evaluates prayer books and sets policies as they related to religious services.

Social Action Committee – The Temple community takes seriously its commitment to the greater community.
The Social Action Committee has opportunities for Temple members to get involved in community action. The first Sunday of every month we work with Habitat for Humanity. The group has formed a Homelessness Advocacy group seeking to influence legislation to help the homeless. In November they sponsor a clothing drive and in February there is a blood drive. They are involved with RISE (Rhode Islanders Supporting Education) and look to the community for people who are interested in mentoring underprivileged children. Many of the efforts are joint activities with various church and mosque congregations throughout RI and the neighboring states.

Youth Commission Committee – Rabbi Andrea Gouze, Chair: [email protected]

Temple Emanu-El's youth group, Providence USY, continues to be one of the largest and most active USY chapters in New England. A past winner of several NERUSY [New England USY] Chapter of the Year Awards and a recipient of the prestigious International USY Chapter of the Year Award in 2001, the group continues to flourish. The Youth Committee works with staff to set policies and reviews USY activities. Meeting every month during the school year, the Youth Commission is a vibrant, informal group which provides support services to programming of Kadima, Junior and Senior USY.

Volunteers do not need to be members of the Youth Commission to help with youth programs. Volunteers are needed to chaperone events in Providence and out of town, to set up and prepare meals for our teens during conventions, Shabbat dinners and other programs. In addition you can work with volunteers are needed to work with the teens to staff the exciting annual Purim Carnival.

Ushers Committee - Bob Lieberman, Chair: [email protected]