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Torah Trope

If you click on any of the phrases named below, you will hear an MP3 recording of that trop phrase, recorded by Cantor Brian Mayer. To download these files, please "right click" and then select "Save Link As..." and save in the folder of your choice.


Etnachta Phrases (Blue)
Sof Pasuk Phrases (Pink)
Zakeif Katon Phrases (Green)
Darga/Merekha-Tevir Phrases (Purple)
Gershayim (Red)
Revi'i (Orange)
Kadma-Azla (Yellow)
T'lishah G'dolah (Peach outline)
T'lishah K'tanah (Peach highlight)
Pazer (Peach underline)
Y'tiv-Zakeif Katon (Green)
Zarka-Segol (Gold)
Zakeif Gadol (Violet)
Sof Aliyah (Pink underline)



Torah Trope Exercises

Aliyah to the Torah

Aliyah to the Torah (With Transliteration)


As always, if you have any specific questions, please contact Cantor Brian Mayer or Paul Stouber.