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Soulful Shabbat


Where are you with God?" Soulful Shabbat program with Dr David Stern

Sunday March 23, 2014


Where Are You With God?
Clarifying and Working with Our God-Wrestling Ways

I am going to safely guess that each of us wrestles in our own way with God. Some have a strong, ongoing, and evolving relationship with God.
Others, are wrestling in God's foyer, perhaps skeptical that there is a God and/or dealing with a variety of obstacles to a more direct felt and committed relationship with the Source of life and life's oneness.
Yirat Adonai is the beginning of wisdom. At the same time, this fearful awe is always at the bottom of our struggle to connect with or even approach God.  In this workshop I would love for all of us to discover/explore where we are and are not in our relationship with God/the Divine/ the Source of life. 
Through contemplative exercises and explorations, we will embark upon a kind of diagnostic process where each of us can discover,  gain clarity about where we might be, what our growing edges are relative to God, or our own felt and oh so real connection with the spiritual dimension of reality. I will present some traditional Jewish and not-so-traditional maps of "reality". 
Our practice and explorations  will help us discover the wisdom, the divinity even,  of our blockages, stoppages, and fears. Then, we will see where we are on that map and begin to chart a path forward. We will use a mixture of didactic and experiential methods. We will do some drumming and chanting. We will work in small and large groups to accomplish our ends. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at: djstern@thinking-heart.com
- David Stern
Registration fee (includes lunch) is $20. Scholarship assistance is available is needed. Contact Louis Gitlin at  ldgsteel@yahoo.com
Please sign up by going to www.teprov.org/Soulful_Shabbat .  You can pay the $20 online with PayPal.  Or, send a check to the Temple noting the progam, or call the Temple at 401-331-1616
Shabbat comes each week to remind us that meaning in our lives lies not in what we accomplish but in being part of the universe. But how can we do this spiritual work?
Soulful Shabbat is a Saturday morning worship experience that creates a space for pause and reflection by simplifying and slowing down the traditional Shabbat service.
Soulful Shabbat emphasizes silence, quiet melody, meditation, and movement, along with traditional davening and Torah study.
Soulful Shabbat is led by Rabbi Alan Flam and meets at 10 AM on the following dates:


October 19

November 16

January 18

February 15

March 15

April 19

May 17