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If you are looking for a way to meet people in a small communal setting, then Havurot are for you. Havurot are small groups consisting of people in similar life situations or common interests. Here at Temple Emanu-El Havurot have become opportunities for people to get to know others in a small group setting.

We have some fifteen active Havurot meeting monthly at homes. Sometimes, Havurot meet for a Shabbat dinner or Holiday celebration; Havurot with younger children often alternate family activities with meetings just for adults. Temple-wide events such as our Hanukkah party serve as wonderful opportunities for a Havurah to come and participate in a Temple program.

People are searching for community in our world of individualism and isolation. The Havurah is a particularly popular way of creating smaller community within the larger Temple family.

For more information contact: Rabbi Zerin at [email protected] or Miriam Abrams-Stark at [email protected].